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Clear Approach Optometry has resumed routine wellness care with the implementation of safety protocol put forth from the American Optometric Association and CDC. It feels so good to resume care as life seems just a little more normal around here! Our key changes:
Dr. Vanderloop is in scrubs! (make sure to complement him on his new look) Our schedule is slowed significantly to accommodate ample time for disinfection between patient visits
New disinfection protocol and microscope shielding for additional protection during your exam We look forward to seeing you all again at your next appointment! Please contact us with any questions you may have as we press onward. We are here for you. Stay safe! Stay healthy!
–David G. Vanderloop, O.D.

Welcome to Clear Approach Optometry, S.C.

Dr. Vanderloop is excited to be providing eye care services to the fox cities. You can schedule an appointment by calling 920-372-2555 or completing an appointment request online. Let us know what concerns you most about your eyes and if you are interested in our dry eye services, custom contact lens design program, or personalized eyewear today!

Our patients now have the ability to order their contact lenses online by clicking here!


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We Welcome Gas Permeable Contact Wearers – We know you love the sharp and stable vision of your lenses.

Dr. Vanderloop has over 15 years of designing these lenses and hundreds of hours of education through those years. Whether the lenses are for your astigmatism, over 45 and need to see both far and near, overnight orthokeratology, or your keratoconus. We’ve got you covered with these amazing lenses!

Updated Vision Insurance News – We are now in-network providers for VSP and Spectera vision plans!

Stop in or call our office and we can verify your insurance. Then you can use your benefits on an exam and/or glasses and contacts with a valid prescription.

Eye Care Services in Kaukauna

Whether you are a new or existing patient, Dr. Vanderloop provides:

Comprehensive eye exams

Contact lens fittings and help picking eyeglass frames and features

Eye disease diagnosis and treatment including help for cataracts, glaucoma, and diabetic eye disease

Eye emergencies and foreign object removal

Low vision care and services for visually impaired

Helpful Resources

Interactive Eye

Blue Light and Eye Health

Proper Lens Care Instructions

Dry Eye Syndrome

The Right Age for Contacts


Call us today or visit our appointment request page to find a time that is convenient for you to see Dr. Vanderloop