We are already nearing the end of September and what a month it has been. The children are back in school and the weather has really been spectacular. As we settle into our new schedules this fall, we found ourself hearing about the increased time students and parents are spending on digital devices. So in light of this, it may be important to note a few ways the optical industry is helping with visual comfort on these devices: Check out the options below:

EyeZen+ (www.eyezenusa.com): Available now
Ordinary glasses help you see your world.
Eyezen glasses enhance the way you live in it. Our lenses are a technological advancement designed for how you view all your modern digital devices. The result? Lenses that don’t just fit you; they fit how you interact with the world.

Biofinity Energys (http://coopervision.com/contact-lenses/biofinity-energys): Available this fall –
Enhanced optics that help with eye tiredness caused by focusing on close-up digital devices. Digital Zone Optics™ lens design helps you see clearly and go from on-screen to off-screen and back with less effort.

Instead of conducting another informational seminar this month, we decided to hold a fundraising dinner to celebrate World Sight Day 2016. This was held on Thursday, September 15th at the office. We served19 spaghetti dinners and with additional donations from our generous guests, Clear Approach Optometry will be donating at least $250.00 to Optometry Giving Sight. You can check out this great charity online at givingsight.org. We will continue accepting donations until the end of the month. If you’d like to donate, feel free to stop by the office. Our Facebook page has pictures posted from this event – www.facebook.com/clearapproachoptometry/

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