Medical Eye Treatments & Evaluations

At Clear Approach Optometry, S.C., we provide an array of medical eye treatments and evaluations for our patients.

Ocular Surface Disease

Ocular surface disease is the breakdown of the eye surface causing symptoms such as, discomfort, burning, itching, and tearing. This comes about from a number of different causes including, but not limited to: eyelid disorders, inflammation, computer use, environment, medications, and smoking. We will work thoroughly to uncover causes for this condition through focused investigation and develop personalized treatments.

Research and technology has provided optometry with several updates to classic treatments and new treatments that have been giving patients comfort never before experienced.

Red Eyes

Contact lens complications, bacterial infections, viral infections, etc.

Evaluation to determine the cause of a red eye is available at our office. Redness can be caused by a number of possibilities. It is important to have a thorough evaluation when you suspect a problem so the proper treatment, if needed, can begin in a timely manner.

Retinal Evaluations

for Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration, Diabetic Retinopathy, and Retinal Vascular Disease

Dilated retinal evaluations are available for persons with or at risk for certain retinal disease. Binocular (3 dimensional) microscopic viewing of the retina provides incredible detail allowing for a thorough examination. To monitor conditions over time, Clear Approach Optometry, S.C. is proud to announce the latest in retinal imaging technology is in the office. This technology provides auto-fluorescence imaging which is aiding optometrists to detect disease and changes earlier than ever before.

Glaucoma is arguably one of the most complex progressive diseases of the eye. There is still so much that researchers and clinicians do not yet understand. However, as clinicians we are very aware that regularly scheduled wellness exams and commitment to follow up are of most important in preventing vision loss. Peripheral vision measurements and stereo (3D) photo-documentation of the optic nerve have time and time again proven to be the most successful way to detect and monitor treatment of this disease. The Humphrey Field Analyzer and our retinal imaging instruments both from Zeiss Meditech, a world renowned leader in medical technology, are in our office to provide you with this analysis.

Cataracts Evaluation

The natural lens of our eye is positioned right behind the colored iris. For thorough evaluation of the lens, the pupil must be dilated for viewing. As we age, the lens can cloud and subsequently cause blurring of our vision. When this clouding significantly affects your vision to the point that your daily routine is compromised, surgical correction is typically recommended. When the time comes for surgical correction, we will help you to know all your options. We coordinate care with the best surgeons in the area and can also monitor your eyes through the healing process.